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  • Wilson wins Richard Gray Memorial Scholarship

  • Jiaxin Sun and Angel Sun (postdocs) and Jennifer McGee (lab manager)--Welcome to the lab!

  • Josue's first author paper is featured on the cover of Journal of Neuroscience 

  • NIH grant R03TR005086 (Illuminating the function of CACNA2D4 in inherited retinal dystrophies) is funded

  • Christof and Wai lin graduate!


  • Josue publishes first author paper in Scientific Reports

  • Amy is elected to the Council of the Society of General Physiologists


  • Annette publishes first author paper in PlosOne

  • Competing renewal of R01EY026817 is funded!

  • Brittany and Wes publish review in Annual Review of Vision Neuroscience


  • We have moved to UT-Austin!

  • Josue successfully defends PhD

  • Joseph publishes first-author paper in J Neuroscience Methods


  • Lee Lab receives NIH grant, R03 TR002916 Illuminating the functions of CACNA2D4 in the brain ​​

  • Wes is awarded individual postdoctoral NRSA (F32 EY029953, Voltage-gated calcium channels in the development of photoreceptor synapses) ​

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